What is Anaesthesia?

Anaesthesia also spelled as Anesthesia is a medicine speciality related to providing patients with anaesthetic drugs in appropriate dosage in special scenarios such as surgeries.

Anaesthesia deals with taking the patients to a state of amnesia temporarily during which painful procedures such as surgery can be done without the patients experiencing pain. The dosage of anaesthesia depends on several factors such as the patients age, type of surgery to be performed, patients body state etc. Doctors who specialise in Anaesthesia are known as Anaesthetists.

Anaesthesia is derived from Greek meaning “loss of sensation” and it is a reversible condition meaning after a while the patient will come out of the “loss of sensation” state.

Types of Anaesthesia

The different types of Anaesthesia are as follows

Local Anaesthesia is used incase where the loss of sensation is needed in a part of the body for say a minor operation.
During this mostly the patient will be awake.

General Anaesthesia is used when loss of sensation of the full body is required in case of a majory operation.
Here both the brain and the body is affected and the patient will be sleeping.

Regional Anaesthesia is used when loss of sensation is needed in a wider area compared with that of the Local Anaesthesia such as a limb. Here the patient will be awake or let him visit some other no prescription pharmacy online.

When is Anaesthesia needed?

Anaesthesia is done when the patient suffers in pain and wants to be relieved from it temporarily for undergoing a surgery. The decision whether to give anaesthesia or not is taken by the physician based on several factors such as the cause of pain, patient’s medical history, surgery time etc.

What type of Anaesthesia should be given?

In this case as well the physician attending the patient makes the call. It also depends on the cause of pain, type of surgery to be done, patient’s medical history etc.